double eleven period, the electricity supplier employees are not hard. The average age of only 24.7 years of starry, two 90 employees due to repeatedly modify the page to busy in error, is excusable. To make people feel dramatic, established marketing plan in such a way to start. After three hours, "live, the new" appeared in the starry Tmall flagship store home.


"deserve starry" is born

if it is not the official response to the Korean clothing, you even suspect that this is a carefully planned.



now, chats "irrefutable evidence" has spread on the internet. Here, we only give an overview: October 26th at noon, art and planning communication appeared in the "pinch", in the upload shop home page map, mistakenly with "deserve Korean" plan to pass up.



homeopathic detonated brand marketing, I was drunk!


26 around 15, when the reporter once again browse the flagship store page, found once again change". The design sense of "living, the new series of pictures.


this starry media responsible person explained: Han clothing for "double eleven" plan ", the new" theme was originally scheduled to start on the evening of 26. Because the artist’s operating errors, upload pictures in advance, I did not expect to start in such a dramatic way.

this is a young man led electricity supplier group, the ability of employees, the efficiency of the industry praise. As one of the friends of the message: "homeopathic brand marketing, I am drunk!"

eleven is not easy, and shopping and treasure

Tmall double eleven electricity supplier companies, is the biggest thing in a year. Mass orders to bring electricity supplier employees are high frequency, high density, high intensity of work pressure. All this is nothing more than to create the most perfect shopping experience for consumers.

in the whole society will focus on the double eleven sales breakthrough, there are users post said: Double eleven is not easy, and shopping and treasure."

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