if the business can not be twelve customers settle down, from the "new customers" into "customer", twelve might just store a collective carnival.


source: Vision China


double heat has not dissipated, businessmen began thinking about how to play twelve. However, this is the protagonist of the line of food and beverage and super.

stores do milk and bread he started, general manager of the Ministry of electricity providers Fan Weiwei still remember last year – the "no battle unprepared" tragic: in none of the 50 percent off stimuli, each store that afternoon was "looted", more than and 600 stores have been out of stock. In the face of long queues of customers, stores even with a pre-sale mode, so that customers play a single day second days later to pick up.

this makes Fan Weiwei feel particularly deep, I did not expect that day there are so many passengers come in, we do is passive service. All the people in the functional department ran to the store."

estimated in advance is not sufficient, made the entire supply chain logistics, raw materials can not keep up with the rhythm of twelve. The core of the problem is that last year Alipay initiative to find Yiming, try Yiming company "mentality, broke into twelve in the war.

was founded in 1992 in Zhejiang Yiming chain catering company, mainly to provide milk, bread, cakes. Over the past 23 years, the country has now set in the more than and 800 chain stores, set up their own full control of the cold chain for a fine to the logistics company, with milk in Taishun alpine meadow. In other words, even if there is no twelve, Yiming would do well.

– last year, sales of Yiming is four or five times the usual, Fan Weiwei said: "our passenger will not change under normal circumstances, so want to borrow twelve such events, the introduction of new passenger flow."

This year’s

twelve, Yiming coordination departments have done collective improvement, based on the increase of product supply, the entire supply chain have been adjusted, the distance of their recent departments to enjoy the right of final decision; the IT department to optimize the hit single system; at the same time, will also be part of a refrigerated vehicle flow warehouse, to call an emergency when.

in addition to 50 percent off discount, he also provides a membership card service. In the twelve day prepaid customers can reduce 50 yuan. Fan Weiwei told the interface news reporter, in fact, their own membership system has been done for a long time. Hope that through twelve put some new customers to settle and become their "customer", in order to promote the subsequent consumption.

– otherwise, simply rely on subsidies to attract users just plays a role to raise popularity, and there is not much significance.

interface in conversation with reporters, Fan Wei said that customer data is often consumption has been in Alipay in.

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