has two types of marketing, those who believe that news reports do have miracles and those who believe it will not help the work. If you have never experienced the benefits of covering major media, you may be OUT. If you know how to benefit your company’s news coverage, then, how do you make yourself more attractive to the media? Here are some tips to follow to get free news coverage:

1, know where to stop

in the way we get into the news coverage of freedom, a reminder: there are too many risks, it may hurt your site. That’s why, before you learn how to attract media attention, the solution is the key. If you regularly publish content that does not have news value in the news, it will hurt you, because people will not be interested in you, even if there is something about you. So don’t imitate celebrities to get a report every day, because soon you’ll be the most hated list.

2, do homework

that sounds obvious, in order to cover the media, what you need. There are so many companies and individuals out there, if you don’t stand up, to a certain extent, do you have news value. That’s why you need to find the right place, find out what is special and what makes your website unique. In addition, there is a clear message and a brief summary. For example, if you create affordable websites, your information can be affordable, the site is professional or similar things, stressed that you are not expensive, but it is not because of poor quality.

3, start looking for media and journalists

when you know what your position and your information is, the next step is to start looking for the media and journalists. If there are some very important news around you, the press will find you, because it is happening in the general company is unlikely, you need to take the initiative. First, make sure you want to conquer the media (local, national, newspapers, magazines, television programs, etc.) to establish contact with them, who is responsible for your niche news.

4, contact the reporter

many times, the reporter is not difficult to get in touch. However, be familiar with their work and style, and then contact them. You can read / read their previous work in order to get an idea about their style as it may not be the style you are looking for. As for the contact, many of the publications listed their reporters, or they can appear in the article / video. If that doesn’t help, you may need to find interested journalists to contact them on social networking sites.

5, always celebrate the activities of large companies and news release

reporters are not lazy, but they will certainly appreciate the news when landing in their inbox. That’s why, when you have a major news story, don’t be shy, write a press conference about it and send it to the media on your list. You can even invite a reporter to interview you

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