WeChat debuted a time not long, but it has become a hobby of tens of thousands of people, I am no exception, now calculate with WeChat has been more than 4 months, but I use and ordinary people use WeChat as WeChat, I use WeChat’s main purpose is to promote my website. We do not look down on the promotion of WeChat, promotion methods, if the senior, then your site is very high popularity, the following I specifically talk about how to make use of WeChat to promote the site.

first step: WeChat head to beauty


head and QQ head are very different, because when we use mobile phone, we can only through a few inches of screen observed pictures, especially in the process of shaking, we first saw no data, but WeChat picture, if you want to do web promotion on WeChat, so WeChat head must be beautiful pictures, I suggest you can find something that looks like the reality of beauty in the Internet, so you can carry out the next promotion.

second step: efficient set of personalized signature


in addition to a person outside the head through observation, there is personality signature, whether in a WeChat or communicate recorded in the chat in WeChat signature will occasionally appear in front of eyes, and a basic character signature is our website promotion, website promotion is to rely on our personality the signature, the first step is to bring back the beauty of implantation rate is higher for us, and the second step of website promotion method can bring to us is the traffic and popularity, so how to set up the WeChat signature enough to promote


1, signature ads to discount


for example, if the same is for broadband staff, you advertise free on-site installation of broadband + contact, and other staff from AD is: to provide free broadband cable installation test + contact, but are free users will choose which one staff called WeChat advertising? Is the same, when we do website promotion must have a discount, for example you are local websites, then we can provide some local mall coupons, this is preferential.

2, to promote the domain name to remember

we are entering your website directly to you through a new signature in the promotion of the user, so our website domain name is the best domain name easy to remember, if the user to your site has had a strong interest in, and your name is too difficult to remember, so users will choose to give up so, the best domain name easy to remember.

3, contact to be reliable


is to do the promotion, then your contact must be reliable, usually leave a QQ when I use the WeChat website promotion, this is my website QQ reception QQ, I suggest you also take this approach to me, don’t take a fake touch.

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