in the past, the flow is king concept makes the operator’s responsibility to focus on the new pull. But in recent years, traffic costs continue to rise, the objective requirements of our fine operation, with the least money to do as much as possible. With the changes in the market environment, the operation of channels and ways to increase the operation of a more detailed classification. How to use data analysis to solve the problem of traffic operations, user operations, product operations and content management growth, today we will share with you in the field of data operations experience.


a, flow operation: multi-dimensional analysis, optimize the channel

traffic operators to solve the problem is where the user comes from. In the past extensive flow operation, only concerned about PV, UV and other indicators of vanity, which is far from enough.

1 traffic overview index system

we need to determine the basic traffic conditions through multi-dimensional indicators, including the level of indicators, the basic quality indicators and the proportion of visitors to the user type indicators. Level indicators involving different platforms:

Web mainly to see the end of the visit, PV and UV

APP mainly to see the number of starts, DAU and NDAU

basic quality indicators including the average user access time, average session browsing pages (i.e. access depth) and the bounce rate of

through these indicators can determine the user’s activity. The product life cycle model is widely used in the Internet operation, in the different product life cycle, the visitor’s type must have the difference.


[summary] page, operators clearly grasp the flow index and its changing trend, can be a good assessment of the past work and predict future traffic trends.

2 multi dimensional traffic analysis

in the site traffic analysis, including access to the source, the flow of the entrance (landing page), advertising (search terms), etc..

first, the source of access includes direct access, the chain, search engines and social media, etc.. In this framework, the need for a layer of dismantling, specific to each channel flow analysis.

to a blog, for example, this is a sub station of the contents of the operation, there are a lot of data analysis and growth of hackers articles. We visit the source analysis found that, compared to other channels, the number of users from micro-blog and the quality is low. In the case of limited operational resources, we can re plan the media to promote the strategy to focus on high-quality channels.

secondly, landing page analysis is also critical for traffic, because the landing page is the user to enter the entrance of your site. If the user is imported to the invalid or irrelevant pages, there will be a higher rate of jump out.