to tell you the truth, and most webmaster, the construction site during that time, staying up to two or three people early, got into bed, and you can only share happiness with computer network. Domain name, space, server, program, page, test… A lot of things done, only to find the site built, could not find a suitable way of promotion. No extension of the right way, the vast sea of the Internet site can only hide in indulge in self-admiration because no one can find you.

I can think of, included only Baidu, Google, and then a long wait, the wait may be indefinite, SEO people are so dull as ditch water, like playing football become understand math problem. Sina, Sohu, 163, there are no sanwubo banner, editing, screening content, the content of your site to their front page? As much of the welfare lottery, spent 5 million yuan in 2, the probability of more reliable.

the only real point of the way, that is, to the Admin5, outdated and other places to write soft. Can write a soft Wen also suppress it, to write on, this is definitely not a mortal work, only Shi Yuzhu can do it. Received a lot of website promotion methods, such as: website operation ten cheats, Mr. Lonely type promotion website thirteen strokes, 1 days increased 3000 IP, a month make flow of 100 thousand sites, 100 days into creating Alexa ranked 10 thousand…… Every time I see these articles, my hands are shaking, my blood surging in my heart ", in the book, book, or even fantasy a day, a month later, his website is the result, all fell asleep woke up laughing.

but I can’t, I was born in a media, I know a simple truth "come fast, go fast", any crazy behind, is death. Until this time, I realized that this site (front page) to every webmaster how much, especially to do news website webmaster.

today, the world’s first public recommendation news network, the front page (Chinese domain name: front page China) for the major webmaster, blog, forum test. This is a relatively open platform, you can put your site (including forums, blog) of high quality articles, topics, submitted to the front page.

note: 1, only submit links and profiles can be, do not need to submit all the content;

2, pornography and violation of the laws of People’s Republic of China do not submit links, you non my.

and then recommend the way users vote, the high number of votes will stand out from the top of the column or even the front page. We can never promise to use manual intervention in the voting results, everything is transparent, without manual editing, no black box operation. In other words, if you have enough content to submit, as long as your article content is attractive enough, there are a lot of FANS recommendations, then your site will often be clicked on the front page. The same news, such as "Gong Li’s accession to Singapore citizenship", is a