has a student to ask me to say: "teacher, I have intention client to chat to chat with me, originally intended to buy my product, but finally still is to consider, how to do?".

In fact,

micro business is business, since the business is related to the turnover of this work, I found that many developers will have to face this micro this problem, very happy in the process of talking with customers in their intention, but in the end the customer will leave with other excuses.

whether sales or marketing working or must learn how to tell your customers effectively to communicate, to clinch a deal, this is a skill, not your customer asks what you will answer, what can be so simple transactions.

if you can’t smooth your turnover intention of customers, so both sides are not straightforward, because you have the purchase intention of customers that did not achieve the purpose, and you do not earn money. So what should we do?

one, 100 stand to your customer’s point of view

transaction is the biggest obstacle to the trust problem, and the final obstacle is the risk of turnover. When we are ready to buy a product or service, we are not already in the heart of this product, so we will go to consult a variety of products


so at this time the case, in fact you have to solve the problem of trust! The rest of the problem is the risk, the risk refers to the customer’s psychological risk, when the customer is nearly ready to buy your product, they may think of what is the risk of buying this product to bring their own I? The heart that the product is good, but I’m still a little worried about products purchased goods not board, or that the efficacy of the product is not as good as you say how to do


this time, we have to find a way to solve the customer’s worries and risks exist in mind, as long as you can put them to worry about the solution to the problem, then you can successfully clinch a deal.

for example to solve the above problem, you can answer your customer: "Hello, I can understand your concerns, many customers before buying our products to you, of course, our products is not satisfied can package returned, so you don’t have to worry about what the loss would bring you." When you answer your customer, the customer’s heart that will be smoothly done or easily solved. Because you promised not satisfied can retire, so they do not worry about this problem!

here is the secret is that you should be 100% of the station to your customers to think, think about what they are worried about the problem? Think their biggest worry is what problem? If you can solve these two problems and make corresponding countermeasures, so you can easily deal your customers. Rather than blindly stand to their own point of view to think about the problem, your own products, you will certainly say anything good, but your customers will not follow you >