today is the era of information explosion, most of the advertising dizzying, dazzling. For the enterprise, "wine is also afraid of deep alley, so advertising, product and brand promotion is out of their priority among priorities of each enterprise. However, the traditional advertising platform, such as television, newspapers and other costs are too high, for some small and medium enterprises can only be expected to. With the development of the Internet, the soft text marketing came into being, which provides the possibility for the enterprise to spend less money to get big gains.

so, how to do soft Wen marketing? Do soft Wen marketing what skills?

first, the most fundamental purpose of the soft Wen marketing or advertising products and brands, so as to attract consumers to buy. So according to the positioning of products and brands, to understand what is the target consumer groups, understand their psychological, do.

secondly, there must be an attractive title. The title is astepping-stone to success to attract users click Browse to your article, now network information complex, dazzling, how to make your article talent shows itself in a web page, which can increase the hit rate reached as soft advertising purposes, a tempting title is indispensable, good title is is the foundation of soft marketing. But remember not to do the title of the party, to deceive consumers, and ultimately hurt themselves.

third, the introduction of social news hot spots. The development of the network makes the news spread more quickly, users are willing to understand and pay attention to social issues, do marketing will have a keen insight, the hot issues and soft organic combination, so as to achieve better marketing objective.

fourth, writing skills. Soft not too long, the rapid dissemination of information online, the WHO long-drawn and tedious documents also cannot read, soft is dapper, a very short time to spread the intention of readers. At the same time, the content should be easy to understand, so that readers at a glance, the wording should be simple and simple, from the emotional appeal to the reader, so that moisten things silently".

finally, placement transition should be smooth and natural, do not apply mechanically. We do soft Wen, the fundamental purpose is to promote products and brands, but if handled improperly, forced into advertising, will give readers a feeling of being cheated, to promote the brand reputation effect is not good, therefore, to the introduction of natural advertising, let the reader feel imperceptibly the charm of the product, to further understand. It can achieve the purpose of consumption.

anyway, in the rapid development of the Internet today, marketing network marketing is a very good method, if used effectively, will achieve a multiplier effect, for enterprises to maximize the interests of.