more and more enterprises begin to pay attention to the network marketing, but it is generally believed that a website is the network marketing, Yu Shihua a lot of money, please a professional company to do business; a boss spent 15 thousand stop doing business, in the eyes of envy to look, the surprise, and 1-2 1000 enterprises stand no difference at least, from UI and

do not see the difference;

look at the following earnings, the most common is done, then put, basically did not play any role. This kind of website, can say that the number of countless; a lot of BOSS, bring up the network marketing is how much I have web site, don’t believe me to give you a look; you ask him how profitable?… .

why in this countless enterprise website, the real profit is really a handful of it?

1, website structure is not reasonable

please professional design company website that includes the following sections: home, company profile, product center, contact us, although this navigation is brief and clear, but it is not good to do business services;

2, bad design

now most enterprise website is carved out of a mold, even home; home a big falsh, seem to have a fixed number, if you have the courage to innovate than injection; if only from the enterprise publicity angle, also can consider the one or two. But most of the sites are not able to achieve this effect, why?

because most of the business sites are not the strength of hiring a professional designer, then get copied, they did not bring much benefit to the enterprise for the website, just to imitate;

3, almost no promotion

Most of the

enterprise website no promotion, a little perspective of enterprises will be hosting awesome third party network company website, but now the real value of the network company is really very rare; promotion is a comprehensive service and continuous work, rather than the outside publicity as long as join all kinds of search engines on the line and if it is so simple, large companies also recruit a few people to play


now companies are increasingly concerned about network marketing, in recent years the network marketing training institutions and enterprise recruitment data can be seen very good, although there are many companies still rely on the traditional relationship to the development of business, but really want to do a good job of enterprise network marketing, or a lot of practice;