is a person who has a desire.

is the difference between desire and strength. When desire is strong, the power of thought will be reduced and the purchasing power will rise. So really effective copy, to open the door of consumer desire.

human desires are pride, envy, wrath, greed, sloth, gluttony and lust, and we often say the seven deadly sins. Good copy, good use of human desire. Desire is weakness, can be achieved by hitting the weakness.

a, arrogant

so-called arrogance, is a sense of superiority. Where is the sense of superiority from others, the contrast will have a sense of superiority. The technique is to write a copy, do not look at the price, only the percentage. Specific performance is: I have, most people do not. There is only one person for every 10000 people, so there’s a copy of Porsche.


Porsche: most people know that a few people own.

let’s do an exercise with XX lipstick as an example. If there is one thing that everyone has, then its appeal is very low. If the same thing has the characteristics of the crowd, then it can bring a sense of superiority. It is not the lipstick that can be painted on the mouth, which means that the mouth is noble. So, our copy can be written.

Lipstick: no lip can be painted XX lipstick.

two, jealous

envy and pride is a pair of sisters. No other, envy is the best buy props to promote. When envy heart, also is the strongest motivation. Specific performance: you have, I have to have. With this product has become the envy of the object, so there is a classic copy of Chivas.


Chivas: I have to admit that life is unfair.

let’s do an exercise, take cram school as an example. If other people’s children is good, every day to become someone else’s conversation. As a parent, how much you are not in the mind. The use of jealousy, copy can write.

tutorial: let your child be someone else’s child.

three, angry

uses the mood of anger, criticism of some bad phenomena, to mobilize the reader’s anger. It’s easy to make friends with a person, not to like a thing together, but to hate something together.

let’s do an exercise with sunscreen as an example. We use the sinister sun tanned hate hate this thing, to lead consumers to anger, so I wrote.

sunscreen: like since the black, but hate not tanning.

four, lazy

lazy is a comfort zone, lazy is a man’s Day