[Abstract] the domain name registration act, to some extent, also indicates a company’s future product development and development trends.



technology – the Ministry of Commerce’s U.S. international domain name administration of ICANN, the full opening of the international top-level domain, including ".Porn" and ".Adult" of the two top-level domain names reserved for pornography and adult industry. People think that registered the domain name has pornography, Microsoft Corp, Harvard University.

The Associated Press reported, according to the major reform initiatives of ICANN, current situation of top-level domain will bid farewell to.Com, only a few.Net, there will be a variety of top-level domain, respectively for different industries and applications, such as ".App" should be used mainly for mobile software, ".Music" is mainly for the field of music.

is worth mentioning is that the ".App" belongs to Google, the company spent $23 million, the right to operate the top-level domain obtained from the hands of the ICANN, other companies or individuals can pay to the Google Corporation, registered two domain name suffix.App.

related domain name registration action, to some extent, also indicates a company’s future product development and development trends.

media found that the above two pornographic industry domain name, the official registration of the time is to provide a summer, but now many companies and institutions, has begun pre registration.


Microsoft Corp has registered the Microsoft.porn, Office.porn and Office.adult domain.

The brand name of Microsoft Corp and Office

famous products, and "porn" together, really let the industry five mixed.

The Associated Press said that the registration of pornographic suffixes in the domain of the agency also includes the Harvard University, as well as the United States country music Swift.

also reported that in the industry of new top-level domain, a company called Directi is very active, so far has invested $31 million, received a total of 31 new top-level domain operating rights, including.Web,.Law,.Bank,.Doctor and.Music etc.. (Chen Xi)

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