after half a year has been low-key brewing, because of the high income by the new and old business coveted pharmaceutical B2C waves again. Reporters learned yesterday, the domestic large online pharmacies happy online pharmacies will soon get ten million U.S. dollars of financing. This is currently the largest pharmaceutical B2C industry financing, but also the field of the new year, the first melt". In the industry view, since July last year, Taobao mall medical center due to incomplete being halted, the pharmaceutical industry B2C finally broke up for half a year of silence.

New Year’s first melt

into the new year only half a month time, large online pharmacies on the chase by the venture capital. Yesterday, happy people online pharmacies CEO history Wenlu told reporters that this round of financing is a happy person as the first financing medicine network. After the financing, we will be in Shanghai, Guangzhou, a new logistics and warehousing distribution base, while the reconstruction of the logistics warehouse in Beijing." Shi Wenlu said that more than ten million U.S. dollars of this financing will be used for the construction of logistics warehousing, market promotion and the cultivation and introduction of relevant professionals.

Compared to

e-commerce enterprises and Taobao, Jingdong mall turned involved in the pharmaceutical industry, happy people online pharmacies as the representative of a large number of traditional medicine retail enterprise business platform with "Internet drug business license" and "Internet drug information service qualification certificate", and through years of physical pharmacy business in the minds of consumers have some position, take the initiative in the development process.

large network operators coveted pharmaceutical B2C

B2C is not only the coveted medicine happy people pharmacy. Reporters learned yesterday, has just changed its name to Tmall’s Taobao mall will also have a few months to restart the low-key resumption of the museum. According to the introduction of Taobao, the main medical museum to showcase the main drugs, not selling drugs. Consumers will automatically jump to the relevant drugs after selecting drugs. Jingdong to mall to join large pharmaceutical group, Jointown pharmaceutical Museum and Taobao mall on-line, Tencent pat try online pharmacies as a symbol, a large network has been coveted medicine online shopping this big cake.

opened in June 20th last year, 18 days after being ordered to rectify, Taobao mall medicine store off the drug trading site links, only the operation of health food. But there was an episode. In December last year, the Medical Museum has been reopened for half a day, but because of system problems, consumers in the use of mobile phones to buy drugs, the page does not jump directly to pay. This error makes happy people online pharmacies in just half a day time received more than 2 yuan orders through the Taobao medical museum.

in addition to Taobao, according to an insider revealed that the number 1 store’s No. 1 pharmacies will also have action this year.

Why focus on



industry insiders believe that last year, Alibaba, Jingdong mall, Dangdang, Tencent pat B2C platform has been in the field of medicine B2C layout.

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