Nora involving dissemination of pornographic materials case today in Haidian court hearing. Our company, Wang Xin, Zhang Kedong, Niu Wen had pleaded guilty to repentance. Wu Ming said Nora company was founded. In the final stages of the court debate, Wang Xin defender suggested that the sentencing of about three years in the Wang Xin. After the court adjourned the trial, the collegial panel for review, the review results announced another period.

Wang Xin defender said, Wang Xin accepted the prosecutor’s allegations, according to the defendant voluntarily pleaded guilty to punish the attitude of the defendant, on the case of the crime of light defense of the case in the light of the law of the people’s Republic of China, the people’s Republic of China (). From the subjective sense, Wang Xin is not directly aware of the initiative of the spread, Nora technology is not developed for pornographic video. He knows this is not to say that an actor to upload pornographic videos and help the behavior.

The source of

pornographic video is actually stored in the publisher there, rather than Nora server, the user is watching the process automatically downloaded to Nora server. Wang Xin’s laissez faire mentality is actually due to the difficulty of shielding technology caused by the larger, and can not be subjective regardless of whether or not the difference. Nora company has no direct communication behavior.


from the technical characteristics of this case should not apply to the circumstances are particularly serious. In this case, there are some defects in the extraction of electronic evidence, which leads to the poor quality of the video. The premise of the application of relevant judicial interpretation is the direct dissemination of pornographic videos. Nora software provided by the company is a tool software, there is no IP address can be accessed, there is no specific content provided, does not belong to the site, Nora’s profit is not a direct charge of service charges.

Wang Xin defender suggested that the case can be punished in accordance with the circumstances, it is recommended that the sentencing of Wang Xin in about three years. The defender believes Wang Xin has surrendered. Wang Xin was rejected South Korea into the mirror didn’t completely lose freedom, he can choose not to return, in this case Wang Xin himself is very clear consequences, and he himself is very clear to the consequences is caught, Wang Xin actively cooperate with the working group on a voluntary plane. Wang Xin pleaded guilty in court, the overall form of surrender, please consider a mitigated punishment on Wang Xin court.