client is false orders are sent books said it was a competitor against

himself did not order, but there are people Dangdang door-to-door, and asked for money. Recently, some customers was false orders, under the single accurate to provide these customers contact phone and address information. This is called, some malicious competitors in the frame, in order to frame

the day before yesterday afternoon, Dangdang delivery to Mr. Kang’s home, let him receive his payment of two books. Mr. Kang thought it strange, "I haven’t ordered a book recently, but the address and phone number are all mine." He has two accounts in Dangdang, recently did not place an order, he suspected someone in this book to sell, there is no sign. Kang wrote down the order number: 2034748530. By asking Dangdang customer service that he gave him the order of the people at the same time back to the other 5 people under the order, the use of cash on delivery, send books.

Dangdang an ordinary account can set up up to 5 delivery addresses, and no need to verify that the user can use the cash on delivery to anyone. This makes Mr. Kang feel afraid, if I am not at home, my family will sign; if I am at home, will return. I am not the victim of Dangdang, those who malicious orders have run." Even more disturbing is that he knows his family address and phone, he is not clear how their personal information is leaked.

Kang first time in his micro-blog ( on the release of this information, a Shanghai netizens said last week he heard colleagues say many people received the Dangdang inexplicable orders, are books.

public relations department said that from the end of October to November held a month long promotion, which caused some competitors dissatisfaction with this way., has received a number of similar complaints. Dangdang said that some of the goods Dangdang online inventory has been taken more than and 200 malicious, but when the door was rejected, so Dangdang suffered a great loss.

for the next single will know the customer’s information, Dangdang said Dangdang many customers are also registered users of other shopping sites, may leave the same personal information. Dangdang said at the same time, may also be the customer’s personal data leakage. For false orders, said that if confirmed accounts are malicious orders, they seized the account. remind, if found cash on delivery of goods and not their purchase orders, the best rejected on the spot, if the order of the consignee is not present, the researchers must first verify the order and the consignee. If you receive the goods without payment, as long as the goods are in good condition, you can call the customer service requirements within 7 days return. Dangdang said Dangdang organic hit shipping list, cartons and cartons on the tape have Dangdang logo, the consignee should pay attention to distinguish >