[introduction] for a long time, 9158 to 9158 years of income to 1 billion erotic websites listed "the" big "headache.


Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on February 12th

video chat site listing 9158 is no secret, but in the Hongkong newspaper reported 9158 to the second half of the year listed in Hong Kong, still caused great repercussions in the Internet industry, 9158 public relations staff phone ringing.

9158 in the industry is not high, but early in 2012 after the listing of YY, the 9158 has always been low-key mystery is popular in the day. The second half of 2012 9158 founder Fu Zhengjun dug to the original audition operator Jiuyou CFO started preparing for listing 9158.

for a long time, Fu Zhengjun was "erotic website 9158 years income 1 billion to listing" "dazibao" brains. Fu Zhengjun once said, "maybe 5 years ago, the 9158 also made the edge ball gray business; but today, 9158 have been" good "."

9158 in the room for the units and common interests of users can have a joyous gathering video. In addition to the interpretation of heaven and earth, music palace, the city has the edge, the original music and other channel users can learn through network teaching, financial and other channels of exchange. Let 9158 and Fu Zhengjun controversial is the 9158 hidden social.

many people reported in the virtual space

in the Chinese Internet sector has long been hidden in some gray areas. The micro-blog name seems to make network environment more clear, but some personal grievances and photographs of no importance, few people are willing to put their true side fully demonstrated, because in China the reality of the human society, peer friends and colleagues from the parties concerned, people can not really go.

the majority of Chinese Internet users in a certain extent, under the constraints of the status of the network under the constraints of the network, can not find a truly happy online social experience. Most of the time, people need more hidden social, which makes the 9158 popular.

analysts pointed out that, in good faith owed developed social background, it is difficult for people keen to invest in real information based social network, but tend to try with a "Mask", this is the 9158 "heart" can capture many lies. Many times, when there is no identity concerns, people will be more divergent thinking, more open, more fearless.

you may not be able to imagine what kind of people are spending billions of dollars to send your favorite female anchor 999 virtual Rose (one yuan a); and how crazy, let a person to give her 500 thousand yuan price of 1128 virtual plane in the anchor birthday. But Fu Zhengjun told the media that these are things that really happened on 9158.