shopping platform was established for two years, but the red book, Baidu index soared 30 times within the next two weeks, APP Store ranked beyond Jingdong, June 6th anniversary, the handsome guy sent courier detonated circle of friends. How to do this, from the power law of the environment, the law of individual characters and the law of adhesion.


a APP, the Baidu index soared 30 times in two weeks, App Store ranked fourth overall standings, climbed to second in three days of life, beyond the field of electricity providers giant Jingdong and, it is the rapid growth of BAT company with the flow to the princes of the



in fact, this is just a start-up company in Shanghai, but the establishment of two years of little red book.

On the first day of the June 6th

Red Book anniversary activities, within 24 hours of sales over the whole month of May sales at the same time, girl friends circle is spread throughout the muscle male home delivery of the photos, so people meet the topic into " you know little red book, like a very recent fire ".

· American writer Malcolm Gladwell’s books; "the tipping point" refers to the three rule popular are the power of environmental law, laws of individual characters and adhesion rules, we see from the three angles of the little red book is how to explode our social circle at the beginning of a business? What can we learn from


first, the Red Book environment power

this is a pinpoint the tuyere, " pig " can also take off the era.

with the upgrade of consumption and lifestyle changes, overseas shopping has gradually become a new middle class in favor of expanding the way of life, resulting in a new form of consumption and electricity supplier form. According to Chinese safe data show that in 2014 overseas shopping grew to $165 billion; June 11, 2015 Accenture released a report predicting the average annual growth rate of the next few years, the global B2C market to keep 15% of the electricity supplier, in 2020 the global cross-border electricity supplier turnover will reach $994 billion, is expected to become the world’s largest cross-border B2C consumer market.

but because of asymmetric information, users in the purchase of overseas products and can not fully understand the shopping information, do not know what to buy. Little red book as a cut in order to share the community to start shopping, recommended for users to buy overseas products.

1 seize the opportunity to get the first seed user

October 2013

red book shopping Raiders came into being, she is covered with the United States, Japan, South Korea and other popular tourist based shopping guide that, these are by the company’s founder to find a local shopping Master prepared, which has both cost-effective and distinctive brands and businesses, people’s values are guilty the topic, with 201>

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