when entrepreneurs seeking business direction, from the data reported on the market of all kinds, always see some certain market size at 300 billion, trillion forecast, why to plunge into the field of entrepreneurship, found the precise target user is not easy to get



why entrepreneurs in the financing, full of confidence, feeling an entrepreneurial direction of the market is infinite, but investors are too small market capacity


a variety of similar to the market value of the consumer to upgrade the entrepreneurial opportunity or the deviation of the scale of the entrepreneurial opportunity to determine the difficulty of becoming entrepreneurs in the choice of the direction of the escalation of consumption often confused.

we said that the consumer upgrade project is the opportunity to start a company, a core premise is the market space is large enough. After the upgrade, there is plenty of room for expansion, only the possibility of high growth.

naturally, entrepreneurs in the process of looking for entrepreneurial opportunities, there may be a lot of market size misjudgment or the degree of difficulty in entering the market for error assessment. Looks great, actually look down relatively small, or at this stage there is no need too much consumption upgrade, or traditional brand in this field is ingrained, is a pioneering project to transformation of the Internet, and so on, according to incomplete classification, looks very beautiful, but the illusion of entrepreneurial opportunities exist the following situations.

1, looks great, but finely chopped market

, for example, the children’s market before castle peak. Children’s market is still in its infancy, growing, long life cycle, but also a strong willingness to pay market. Newborns each year increase, coupled with the two-child policy release, this is a very attractive market.

however, note that both infants and older children, although known as "children", but because of the different age, their needs are very different, so there will be "a year of a market, the scale effect is not to meet the needs of the user. So when a market is fragmented cut, it seems that the children’s market is very large, but the specific direction of entrepreneurship entrepreneurs can be directly covered by the size of the crowd will suddenly shrink.

in addition to the children’s market, the education market has a similar situation.

2, there seems to be entrepreneurial opportunities, but the traditional brand ingrained

often have a situation where entrepreneurs find a traditional field of some pain points, and found that the field is not venture, look carefully on the market and retail sales figures are very impressive, a great opportunity, so to this field in the best of spirits launched the onslaught of consumption upgrade.


at this time that often occurs due to the underestimation of the field of consumption upgrade difficulty, and the brand has no direct rush, storm, outwit. Consumers are most concerned about, for example, security and so on

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