a lot of people do WeChat marketing, focus on how to add, in fact you should first do a good job skills, let people can deal with, can stay. But this time I do not speak to keep people’s problems, I say what we should know before the people in the.

1, executive power

micro business promotion of the two biggest problems, I think that one does not know the method, the two is no execution, and the biggest problem is not to know the method, but there is no executive force.

promotion method we can find, but have not done, do insist on how long, this is the execution.

when you feel a feasible method, must stick to it, then use the process of discovering problems, summed up the problem and improvement methods, this method will be improved after the final summary for you to use.

if you find yourself constantly find ways to change the method, most executive power is not enough, the disclosed method in no method is very easy, is to pay certain efforts to obtain results, it depends on your execution.

We do not want to

in which website or on a training course, and then learn what a simple method, immediately a day and 100 people, hundreds of people, tens of hundreds of single day turnover.

is not to say that there is no such a method, of course, but it is so simple, and no threshold, and no one will come up with an immediate solution. In fact, they are in the process of using the process to find problems, solve problems, and constantly summarize and improve the formation.

two, a fresh Chibian days,

we need to know a variety of promotion methods, but in practice, we only need to use a method on the line. When you find dozens of ways, try a few methods, and then finally select a method, and then continue to improve and perfect it, so that the line.

everyone should have a their best at the core, promotion methods.

three, find the precise crowd

added before, must be clearly investigated, their use of the product groups, such as what sex, what age, what people use consumption level. And then targeted these people. Rather than a random street.

, for example, if a night mask, a box of 398, it is suitable for the crowd: high income women, need to shift or often stay up late, sleep late. What are the people like it, often work overtime, white-collar women often go to bars, the female owner of private entities. Then you have to promote your product to these people, rather than those who sell two thousand or three thousand monthly salary.

four, WeChat added


every time WeChat people, a best not more than 10 individuals, and the interval of 1 hours plus. WeChat changed the rules, once more to be bound by the shield, you add friends letter >

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