a lot of people think that entrepreneurship, it should be the first product to sell to make money. In fact, this logic is not wrong, because doing business is to do business, there is no buy did not sell. But why when you start to sell the first to find someone to buy? You do is bitter or idiot?

Especially the

derivative, depletion of their circle of friends contacts, the result is a feather, covered with chicken. What do you mean,


business people know that the money is to make money to make their own way to dig a channel, energy sources continue to generate revenue, the closer the pipeline from the wealth. Xiao Bian’s leadership team is a network marketing, software technology development, enterprise education and training, financial management, business model consulting and training of character formation. For everyone here to share how we engage in network marketing started, and leveraging the growth of fission.

entrepreneurship necessary logic:

I remember when I was 10 years old, I began to be curious about the internet. My first money is from the Internet transaction, then I will not play Taobao. I took Du Yunsheng and octopus two companies open class video bought a U inventory, a U disk in Taobao’s price is 10 yuan one. Then I sell U disk, the absolute transaction is called top instructors share video, a price of 300 yuan. And I was in QQ mass advertising exchanges reached a deal, for the first time to feel the charm of the Internet, feel the excitement of profits, just 6 days earned $10 thousand, this year a small series of 19 years old. This little plan has not yet been implemented before I told my friends, they reply to you to dream, the money buried in the ground can also grow Qian Shu.


small series that outstanding entrepreneurs is to dare to dream, but also dream, but also spread the dream to others. What the boss is good at is to give artificial dreams, isn’t it?

listen to a small share dry cargo, we must patiently listen to a small story, good things behind. Right,


small series that outstanding entrepreneurs want to dare to dare to innovate, in order to meet customer needs, I can create all the conditions have not yet. Bold investment bold action, in the end.

entrepreneurship essential elements and conditions:

to start their own business I have to consider four factors: resources, products, models, funds

resources: many people think that the entrepreneurial resource is not important, but the record industry boss regardless of success and failure, have found no resources of entrepreneurship, it is said of an aged person.

products: good products have several factors, sustainability, high profits, large demand, the best can be a trend.

mode: of course, it is best to miss and mummy mode, but also shared, and win-win, but also easy.

money: wealth is like a snowball rolled up, so I can only say

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