old Xie often listen to the training of the students said, really no inspiration, I really can not write down. In fact, everyone can find inspiration, the key to see how you trigger.

inspiration is not drop from the clouds, even if you are a genius, also need to external training. How can you trigger your soft Wen inspiration?

1. More learning, more knowledge

if a point inside you didn’t have it without talking about inspiration, that you reach a certain degree of knowledge, the effect is inevitable.

There are many methods to the study of the soft

, it is in the Laoxie opinion, the most effective or the newspaper, if you can see 3 newspapers every day, of course, is the news newspaper, adhere to 5 years, your soft skills will not bad.

because of the wide read newspapers are not used, so the old Xie more suggest that we go to see some soft Wen learning books, but domestic like rarely have such a book, the old Xie "soft," like learning key is also called Chinese first the soft system learning books, there is a sale at Taobao the. If you are interested, you can go and see.

2. Think more

thinking can make your knowledge sublimation, so to say, there is inspiration thinking.

how to think, this is a problem, not that you can’t feel like a mind.

think about what the user thinks, if you can think of the user are thoroughly, and your inspiration is not difficult to. You can also think about the relevant stories and think about the hot issues related to the product.

aspects of thinking there are many, we can seriously think, how can I make my soft Wen more attractive, soft Wen is the eye.

3. Practice more

exercise can also trigger inspiration, is the practice can trigger inspiration, this is the old Xie’s experience in practice, you will find more details, actually some details, will directly determine your soft effect.

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