started four years ago the double eleven shopping Carnival lasts for several years and did not seem to be stalled last year marks, owned by Ali Tmall and Taobao eleven sales of nearly 20 billion, and this year more than 17 hours before has exceeded last year’s number, and a breakthrough in the expected 30 billion is not a problem. This almost crazy shopping spree in the end what is behind the magic, perhaps many think Never mind with us these roots, we only have to grab some of the things that need something good, as for the analysis of what we seem to have so many resources for us to toss. Although large companies can through their big data mining in favor of their own information, which is now popular "cloud computing, big data, business intelligence technology to do; and we do not have, that we can only like a machine to do something that others actually I think the arrangement? We can also analyze the roots of these problems from their own can reach the level, can be said that large companies do the analysis more accurate data, but we can at least make a perceptual analysis.


Ali double eleven 2012 and all part of the performance of

in 2013

I think the fact that eleven of the national carnival is actually a habit of consumers, and because of the transaction on the site, it can be said that the habit of web users. Why many people are willing to stay up until the early morning to wait for the arrival of the eleven double, many people will say that this is because many of the dual eleven commodities half price promotions. Yes! This is a very reasonable explanation, then it really is the reason? I think this is the reason, there is a very important reason is a habit, a lot of people and even some businesses are bidding after the sale, I buy is the price, but it is like the time to buy. Because it is the guidance of everyone, including their friends and family, as well as online information, but also the formation of this habit. As in the double eleven day instead of going to the "black sheep" seems to be said out of the face, in fact, this is a habit. Ali in the years before they found this effect, and four years ago put the thought into practice, and after several years of testing found that this idea is very good, so as to create the online trading miracle, everyone said today’s Ali transactions created many large business field how to line.

said online trading I have to tell you something about a very successful line trading case of Huang Taiji, recently many Internet practitioners may be familiar with this name, it is really not what is a great selling pancakes. It is a wonderful little pancake shop a year to sell tens of millions, and it seems to be with the Internet not what relation, we can find it in Baidu search even websites are not search, not because it is not known, but because it has no website, don’t need a website. It is the owner of micro-blog’s own play, I estimate that there are few sales performance of the company’s boss will play with their own users micro-blog >

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