recently saw many webmaster in the discussion forum on the user experience, to provide users with valuable information, so today I want to talk with you about nagging, syria. In my opinion, the core of website promotion is the user, only the user can bring profit to us, and mention the user, will have to consider two aspects of the reason, one is our best; two is you can get; they suddenly look very similar, in fact there is essential difference. Standing in the promotion of this article, I share with you.

angle: we are best at

Open the

sites, you can see the first dense text, the text is not revealed a message that "we do best". Some would call what we can do, or we have served and so on, these are a message for new users, which we can do some things, but these cases also show that we can do these things. Of course, we must let the customer know the advantage, therefore need to be expressed, of course, sometimes we do not necessarily want customers to lead us, sometimes good products will also pick customers. But it is undeniable that the user would like to be a little more thoughtful, a little more polite, the final total sales will certainly be better. "We are best at", this sentence is more from our own point of view, although the ultimate goal is to provide users with services.

angle two: you can get

use the second person is my personal advocate. When the user opens your site, see what they can get the benefits, then it is possible to continue to look down, then there may be interested in the end of the business is likely to clinch a deal. No matter what kind of position, the ultimate goal is for the user, but the expression of the different ways to give the user the feeling is different. The second is more comfortable, the first argument requires a conversion, namely the user see your offer, he thinks he is not in need of such services, if necessary, to consider the next thing. In this process, the user has a brief sense of self preservation, in "I need" and "you" there is a gap between the very likely in the gap in so many transactions lost in vain. If it is the second argument, then the user does not have to think too much, because you have told him what he can get, therefore, closer to the transaction.

two angles of the same revelation

said here, we must also understand what I mean, the core or service users. Either way, the end result is the same. But I have to ask myself, as a personal webmaster, do virtual products, what is what users do, which provides valuable information and content? For example, website source code, on the Internet search a lot, but there are still people willing to collect and collate, because information is asymmetric, you have search the source concept in the Internet, but not others, so he can not find.

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