"labor shortage" has spawned talent website hot, click on the Baidu personnel, job information, large website promotion is very hot, hot recruitment websites, although the maximum like qianchengwuyou, Zhaopin, 58 city recruitment website will do, but their sense of touch is hard to reach the two or three line of the city before. A few days and a talent website to communicate with friends, he told his website using the mail promotion quality, let me have feelings.

according to friends, his mailbox promotion is that, first of all, to find a large number of enterprise personnel mailbox information, this is not difficult to find, generally in the local government personnel website, the newspaper media, there are some classified information website has a large number of enterprise personnel mailbox, of course, in the future, the website can also find local enterprises the mailbox, about nearly more than 2 thousand local companies to find the e-mail address, and then write a soft Wen, a friend is a small and local talent market cooperation, mail theme is fair.

"about reincarnation made a week", there is telephone consultation, recruitment matters, "as long as there are calls, the success rate is very high!" because of the use of NetEase is a free e-mail, one day can only send 400 emails. This persisted for more than a month, made more than and 10 customers, e-mail is very boring work, but the results can be!

finally, the friend to upgrade the VIP mailbox, because VIP mailbox can be a mass of 400 emails, more than 2 thousand companies, a 400, less than one hour will be gone, so you can do other things, but made a fatal mistake, made less than two days time. All mail as spam back! "The NetEase do not know how, free to send easily, but the problems paid!" friends especially upset, are now actively looking for ways to use other ways to promote, and VIP mailbox seems to be black, almost no mail, "this money is wasted!"

mailbox as a way of website promotion, because it is free from the birth of the Internet began to use many enterprises adopt mail promotion, therefore, in order to prevent spam, many large mailbox sites do all kinds of restrictions, as long as frequently send the same content mailbox, easy to pull the black, and the message is defined as spam and, by return mail promotion, like look for a needle in the ocean, in the vastness of the sea is very difficult to find the target customers, friends of the talent website, because of its particularity, network job seekers gradually increased, many companies have left the personnel department mailbox on the Internet so that customers can easily find, this is the early mail promotion success. Finally, or because of excessive duplication of content is classified as spam mailbox, resulting in the failure of the final mailbox promotion.

so, how to avoid the mail is black? And let the mailbox promotion to play the most important role? First of all, the content of the message must be sent to the mail, and

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