zero on August 25, 2014, Taobao out of a new event, the event is sponsored by Vanke cooperation with Taobao large-scale promotional activities of the house. This activity comes out, it is estimated that many people first impression is Vanke crazy, this is not to send money?

read this event, the first impression I also feel Vanke is really crazy. But when I really study, after the analysis had to admire the marketing planning team or individual to do this.

first, as long as you in Taobao on consumption of the people can participate in this event, no matter how much you consume, here you can get many preferential policies, but also does not conflict with the line of preferential activities. The maximum discount of 2 million, which is not equal to the white house house? You spend less? Never mind that, no matter how much you spend as long as fifty thousand yuan is not enough, enough to fill fifty thousand directly to you! Many people will doubt this is not a probability? Can I get? I am to test the curious, really gave me, directly above

really sent, but did you notice that this offer is not to say that you receive directly, but to leave your name and phone number. Why do you leave this? This is a mystery of marketing, collect customer information ah! Whether you can afford to buy or not buy now, but if you are interested in this to leave your contact are certainly the potential customers, this is to allow all doubt. So they will have a lot of customer information, in this era of information technology to grasp the customer’s data that can not get, the huge number of data which has to develop a number of customers look at the following figure

from the activities of the line is now just over the past 24 hours there have been so many people in the crowd, at least they are interested in this, has been registered to receive a discount. To know that this activity will continue until September 30th, there are more than a month’s time, how many users have to come here? This customer data will be very terrible!

as a result of the cost of their preferential activities, looked very attractive indeed, the temptation, the maximum discount of 2 million. Can think of how many people can receive a 2 million discount to the amount of the discount amount? But with the consumption of hook on Taobao, Taobao are a group of grass root and how many people consume enough 50 thousand to 50 thousand?, you’re not, I’ll give you enough to fill fifty thousand, the preferential activities after September 30th is invalid, grass root have decided to buy a house before September 30th and how many? It offers a large number of users. Just do not receive the it is as like as two peas, can not take now. So what’s the difference with not receiving


some people will say, also have a lot to buy a house ah, this is not wrong, but with a hundred dollars per square meter does not come? Big deal to sell the house, the real estate business earn less, said that the real estate business that is absolutely impossible.


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