on how to set up the problem in the ASO class 3 son and fourth will have to do a detailed introduction. Key words set up, the ranking has also improved, is it enough? There must be thinking about how to make the young people continue to improve the ranking, we explore some.

Original title:

[ASO] the son class sixth: keyword optimization advanced: continue to improve the ranking

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recently a lot of small partners feedback: keyword settings, ranking also improved a lot, but as an ideal youth can not be satisfied with this, but to continue to optimize the progress of right. So the question is: are there any way to allow the ranking continued to improve with you today? You talk about a few keywords ranking fast promotion experience.

a, keywords and Title

a little bit more nagging with everyone, is the core of the key word title. From the point of view of keyword classification, including brand word / word / word competitive behavior, optimize the way of respected person is high heat high correlation behavior of words in the title, we maximize the APP keyword weight, weight lifting means rankings. Simple is that we want to optimize the key words in the title. Let us look at a set of data:

version of the update, APP application name: XXX- job specific APP. Core keywords ranking, recruitment (156th place), looking for work (204th), work (214th).


version of the update, APP application name: XXX Recruitment – job search job hopping. Core keywords ranking, recruitment (eighteenth place), looking for work (thirtieth), work (fortieth).


two, keywords and description

App Store rules have one point: description of the key words included in the title can be (title) or keyword tag (Keyword) included in the keyword weight overlay. Clear this rule, we can in the description of the high density of the key words we want to do, the weight of this keyword can be superimposed on the original basis, ranking will further enhance. For everyone to see a more awesome Description:



for the description of the NetEase news; " 9, " 10, " NetEase; " " news; 13 times, this keyword hyperattenuation effective way to increase the weight of these keywords, enhance or stabilize the rankings.

in addition, the description of the word control in 300-500, to ensure that the core off

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