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"you are the technology of Montana, played so many battles, this is a tough battle, just a few people, you do it?!…… Fuck! "

Wang Tiejun, a roll sleeve, pull up the block the eyes of white hair, told reporters describe their work state how much chicken". In his view, every time the development of new products like war.

Wang Tiejun is the first Internet Co Qihoo 360 do intelligent hardware product manager, two business within the company to let him "old is new again". He likes to challenge and solve old problems in new ways.

Wang Tiejun two venture is the beginning of intelligent hardware portable WiFi, a plug and play wireless router, in 2013 came out.

is said to be the two venture, the first one is because Wang Tiejun gave up the mature software products, and try to never touch the risk of intelligent hardware.

secretly pulled up a small team

choose to do intelligent hardware before, Wang Tiejun responsible for software products 360 mobile assistant. For a product manager, serving millions of users has greatly proved their worth, but Wang Tiejun must jump out of safe zone, "I don’t love too observant of conventional standards." He said.

The value of the

product manager is based on the user’s needs. Wang Tiejun found that the phone and the computer before the transfer of the file is very troublesome, want to design a line to solve the problem of mobile terminal and computer transmission. "But do you really need a line? No, they need to be easily transmitted." he managed to find the root of the problem and decided to start the two venture.

in a large company to engage in their own small entrepreneurial team, but also the opportunities and challenges, the pressure is no less than a real entrepreneurial team.

at first Wang Tiejun had no money, no resources, no hands. In 360 he secretly pulled a few internal R & D portable WiFi in his spare time, worried that the experiment is not successful, at the beginning, they hide from Qihoo 360 chairman Zhou Hongyi.

"even if it’s weekend, a phone call from my colleagues, no one and I have to work overtime." Wang Tiejun said. Everyone has the power, the more difficult to overcome the technical difficulties of the more eager to see what he had enough. However, it is much more difficult to solve the problem than to find the problem.

Wang Tiejun has a strong desire to solve problems, and this is precisely the source of his pain. The most tangled is his choice". 360 portable WiFi prototype is a versatile intelligent hardware, but in order to make the product more focused on solving the problem, he must give up their own more desire to find ways to cut off the non core functions.

and the body was tired of being thrown directly on the side of Wang Tiejun, although he did not feel the body can not eat, but also have to admit that the last two years

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