news July 27th, according to Xu Jun micro-blog, which has just received a court summons, the subpoena is Gome appeal cancellation and demanded compensation for 100 thousand yuan, the matter of concern in the domain name industry.

The United States is

as everyone knows, Guomei and Guomei Pinyin, Pinyin domain name is not in the hands of Gome group, now its official website is to use creative domain name, has been registered in 2007 and Gome can "no problem", why the Gome appeal cancellation and demanded compensation for 100 thousand yuan



: Xu Jun micro-blog

industry users of this event have tone wave is very high, the Hu Xianfeng said that the ownership of Gome and there is no good reason for this domain, the other Guomei suffix nor in their hands, another netizen Zhang Mengyun said, only the United States the meaning of Guomei


Guomei is the United States in addition to Pinyin, Pinyin, or "Mei" is a name, domain name, Gome in the domain name arbitration is not dominant, and the general arbitration case only two outcomes, one is the cancellation of domain name, two is to take ownership of the domain name, and will not appear at the same time for cancellation of receive compensation, the United States the move makes electrical appliances industry concern.



: Yiqifa information page


brand well-known trademark is "Gome" and "Gome", the earlier domain name with Gome dispute has been sentenced to 20 thousand yuan compensation, the Gome demanded 100 thousand yuan and why? It is understood that the current domain jump to send billion from the alliance, after quickly again jump to the page in the page appeared under Gome advertising information. Insiders speculate that 100 thousand yuan compensation may be one of the main sources of in Yiqifa advertising alliance CPS advertising plan, secondly, Guomei itself is the United States in pinyin, the domain name holder when participating in advertising directly to the domain name the forwarding behavior, and is not the use of advertising in the form of promotion, can let netizen misunderstanding is the official website domain name.

general domain name dispute arbitration should have three elements, to meet the disputed domain name registration time later than the date of approval, the company trademark trademark logo trademark confusion and malicious use of three elements, so that the disputed domain name may not be back. Malicious registration conditions are easy to set up, but this time, Gome appeal is not to take