just nothing, boring to the well-known blog article, suddenly saw an article titled "AdSense" suffered intimidation extortion message, immediately open the natural reflection, found that the situation described above extremely poor, simply outrageous. I have great admiration for the well-known blogger, writing from the aspect can judge whether he is a great person, technology, education, and ultimately is his style, so his blog today standing in the blogosphere’s position is no desirable for many people. In this position, I stand on his side, he also feel angry, feel the blogger’s feelings, on the one hand, through improper means of retaliation for the mastermind behind, had "hated", "do not cherish".

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              article content:

received a letter threatening blackmail message last night, asked me to give this person a Alipay 800 yuan of money, otherwise he will be through the "special tool" AdSense account for my advertisement for a long time to expect malicious clicks, my account "title".

later this gentleman sent me an email to inform their Alipay account is [email protected], and that this account is to spend 50 yuan to buy, and again on my intimidation.

I told this scumbag, you sent me to mail I have been through the online form submitted to the Google technical support, they think that the nature of this letter is serious, began investigating the treatment, if you think that can compete with Google if their technical ability, so now you can try.


blackmail mail:

sender: [email protected]

date: October 16, 2008 7:24


theme: brother, I borrow you 800 yuan, or else you have a good


brothers, I borrow you 800 yuan, of course is borrowed or I will, with a fixed IP mad point your GG advertising.

you should know these: ggads invalid click too much, will be frozen, the complaint is not guaranteed to unlock, once the appeal was rejected, completely blocked.

I have a special tool, also can forge. One day, hundreds of thousands of manufacturing click No problem, that is to say, it is indeed from your site and click on the past, rather than the click not money It is without rhyme or reason., sooner or later, I point to the title, there have been many precedents, as long as I long time continuous click, that have no time to listen to your Google.