not much else to talk about my two years of experience in the station to do it.

        real love do stand is from the beginning of secondary.2000. Then Gangpu Internet cafes and a network easily. Don’t always feel very magical. To understand the network

is this why?

        some chance in my classmates (formerly with the Chinese) above a personal home page in the application. This.. what also don’t understand. Can only hope that a home on the Internet. Learn more things on the network.

        HTML.. What what pictures… Will not only know the above links. Some words. With the address in what place to visit. Very interesting. No behind so powerful brothers. Because I am not stupid. What happened to get people for a long time that I play. The man page almost overnight. Some memory of those functions is not remember… Almost 7 years ago.

        back off. Contact some self-help… Advertising seems to be saying that. As long as typing. Take five minutes to build a home on the Internet. I really can type. But spent a night time around built a bit like home it also got there. Some of the students in the class. In the mean access. Ha ha. Anyway, some feel proud. Up to now a good laugh.. it is retarded.


        in 2001, the students in the class. I started a long three years of network game < < > > legend;.. believe this game is played. Many friends certainly at school. At that night. The day is sleep. It is generally for half a month the second half of the month. Not. Because the cost of living is not enough. After all, students can use is not much money. Anyway, the two years in the school’s game. The legendary..PK.. Kill.. play equipment. A fall… Think of it. Regret.. wasted a lot of time. Hey are not in school. It seems to me that girls are. Like several people. Learn not learn. Because it is art. Always painting. Our class 11 legendary game player is almost a waste of time. It is the good memories of the game.. then feel sorry.. .

is quite happy. All day long is PK.. Seconds together..

        a chance. I came out of the site. Found some free personal home page. There are forums above. There is a detailed description of how to do a master