morning news (reporter Sun Yu) in the mobile Internet era, Alipay is trying to get rid of the payment tool image, such as sellers of the same platform, Alipay mobile ecosystem is to build consumer life and third party developers. Yesterday, Alipay announced that its mobile client Alipay wallet version 7.1 comprehensive revision upgrades, and officially landing major application store. It is reported that this updated version of Alipay to the third party application fully open account system, and to travel, card vouchers and other services to further optimize. The industry believes that Alipay has 800 million registered accounts open to third parties, will have an impact on its own and mobile Internet ecosystem.

it is understood that the current Alipay wallet application has access to the mobile coupon application Tintin, reading application iReader. In fact, as long as there is a demand for payment applications, we are very welcome access." Ali small micro finance group wireless division operations director Chi Chi revealed.

For example, the first screen "

" Alipay "region of our new third party applications can access the" Application Center ", when the user login these applications through Alipay wallet, you can directly call the user’s Alipay account, not registered this step. At the same time, when the user needs to pay in these applications, will also directly call the Alipay account information for quick payment, more convenient and more secure." Fan Chi explains. It is understood that Alipay is also ready in the next period of time, with businesses can add services sector, open for more resources.


can bring more power, we hope to move the mobile life circle." Ali small and micro financial group, said Fan Zhiming, President of the domestic business group. In fact, after the upgrade Alipay wallet has been mobile life circle concept into product design, such as the binding of a bank card, Alipay wallet will give users around the distribution of bank outlets. In my travel, will list the user in the Air China, Hainan Airlines, Taobao, and other partners to travel during the spring and Autumn period and the Pod Inn travel itinerary, users can also be added to the boarding pass Alipay wallet in online check-in, with electronic boarding pass boarding in the airport.