When the new year

, has been in the home life of my cousin asked me a question: he had often seen relevant reports about the v-mobile bike and ofo bike in the media, but no specific experience, whether they are doing what? What is the difference between the two



first, I explained the basic principles and operating logic of the shared economy bicycle, he said that understanding;

but on both the core difference explained later, I hesitated for a while, try to choose low cost figure: the difference between cars to explain the v-mobile car heavy reputation and circulation, and ofo car cheap heavy expansion and coverage;

: so that his response was heard, ofo seems more like a few drops (because I had explained to him: this industry obviously burn, invests continuously, because the winner will be imagined as a bit);


drops did invest ofo, but for him this apparently without much thought, almost knee jerk neural responses, I also feel difficult to agree, and cannot be easily refuted, said the logic behind this factor — no cost directly affects the coverage density of reason, the pace of expansion and barriers in depth, especially in sharing this the field of bicycle, users do not mind using the brand car, useful, high coverage is king, and no matter how technology processing, vehicle ownership turnover difficulty is high, by contrast, the right to open the way cheaper and more cars seem to be just the industry


but then thought, love does not mean that the user can have the last laugh, since the completion of the high coverage and low cost, but the existing system was unable to support the operation cost of the whole system, but also from the services provided, also not too high to pay or on value-added space, regardless of the cost expansion and burn o2o on-site service is as unsustainable, a growth performance does not mean the final market share and business success;

as I was about meditation, tangled, cousin smile, said: anyway, who won not give us wages, watching the Spring Festival Gala; I said: Yes, what a bicycle ah, watching the Spring Festival Gala to


night like this in the past, but things are not the past few days I have been through the v-mobile and ofo related information, in order to find a real answer


below I give my observations directly:

ofo never thought to do the market first or beyond the reach scale and eat quickly Mobell, v-mobile rival market share, eventually forcing Mobell purchase their own is his business logic.

is precisely because of such business logic, so that all of ofo’s strategy is in the short term, do not consider long-term, because in accordance with this logic, the quality of the product (not bad) and Asset Management >

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