2013 in August, the country is hot weather, the Internet is also unusually hot. In August 5th, micro-blog and WeChat have released a version of the WeChat 5, micro-blog released online, "micro-blog Taobao" version, mobile marketing is increasingly hot, August 19th turned easecredit out of the dark horse. Micro-blog marketing is no longer the most hot topic, easy Xinchu out has not opened the door of calf marketing. Now we are going to talk about is the WeChat marketing in the teeth of the storm.

what industry do WeChat marketing

Promotion of private hospitals of all

in the industry is doing the best place, now many private educational institutions are increasingly the attention of online and offline promotion, they spent a lot of manpower and funds to carry out network marketing, it is no exaggeration to say that 80% of their customers is through the network marketing the deal, WeChat marketing is now the hottest time, they have long been walking in front of the mobile internet.

WeChat marketing only needs

do WeChat marketing is bound to promote the public platform, do the public number is more influential users take the initiative to pay attention to its viscosity is also very large. It is inevitable but users won’t see you brush ads every day to do marketing, convenience should be put in the first place, such as changes in the weather, a laugh, or to share their delicacy chowhound concessions, the latest travel concessions, these are really help users, improving user stickiness, do marketing promotion will be a protracted war, from the long-term development.

a beef noodle growing process of WeChat marketing after use, 100 square meters of shops turnover reached 3K-5K, a week after the promotion of WeChat traffic and sales increased by approximately 20%-30%, a week 1547 WeChat audience, collected 1140 mobile phone number, so startling figures can be read in the WeChat marketing the hottest marketing means.

do WeChat marketing is not difficult, of course, if there is no brushes on the blind to operation will not achieve the desired effect, not to the popularization and promotion of all starting from the needs of users, all can be solved, such as health care not only hard to explain some of the ads or convenience of medical knowledge, noodle from a way of keeping good health to increase user stickiness so, do not blindly promotion but effectively from the needs of users, a real demand of customers than brush one thousand fans more meaningful

all marketing means, whether it is online or offline, micro-blog, WeChat, easy letter, only the real needs of the user from the convenience of the real bigger and stronger. Mobile Internet increasingly important in the marketing process, WeChat marketing will be a dark horse. The above is just the author’s point of view, we welcome criticism exchange, and do a good job in WeChat marketing. QQ8802663

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