grandpa Deng said: black or white, catch mice is a good cat. So as a marketing staff will be engaged in the study, many previous success or the case is be not of the common sort is a boon for a study of electronic commerce students.

now, I would like to say a different successful marketing case, in March 24, 2008, Coca Cola Co launched the torch online transfer activities. The specific content of the activities are: Internet users in the torch to qualify for the transfer of online access to the torch ambassador, the title of my QQ head office will also appear a not lit icon. If the Internet users can successfully invite other users to participate in the event within 10 minutes, the icon will be successfully lit, and will get the right to use the Coca-Cola torch online delivery activities exclusive QQ skin. The invitation to participate in the activities of friends can continue to invite the next friend to carry the torch online. And so on。

now I have the impression, because I also have my own light, then QQ picture also appeared on the torch of ambassador title, then just think this is funny, but no trouble, but at this point I also let Coca-Cola to remember, and later saw the activities provide data show: in just 40 days, the event will draw 40 million people involved. On average, there are more than 120 thousand people per second. Netizens online to become the torchbearer for glory, such as chain "viral", such as a reaction to get out of hand, "like the surging river, rolling".

but I really admire the idea of predecessors, who use each of us look forward to the Olympic Games, the National Olympic Games upsurge in the use of QQ in our country is the most used chat tools, such as "the ambassador" of the title to let everyone clicks, spread, and the Coca-Cola also let users know more Coca Cola Co. This advanced ideas really let Xiaosheng I admire you! ~

then I say a way of marketing, is to be in full swing when film dominated, "wedding Crashers" is two years ago, a great American comedy film box office.

, it is spread through various websites, let people see the wedding photos, the star of the pioneer movie, certainly there is no doubt that many netizens all follow the trend, then the brand launched a campaign, the producers in the publicity of the film, on the official website provides a lot of wedding still, and provide technology so that people can take photos posted, so that they can appear in the "wedding Crashers" wedding. The results of at least 3 million people to actively participate in the design of the wedding stills, and will transform themselves after stills to a friend in succession. The idea has spread to at least tens of thousands of people. This is really creative so that niche admire ~

!The last one is

in our country be in full swing variety show: where Dad, according to the data, the program of each site

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