didn’t want to mention skill argument, because the total skill makes me feel only the skill, strategy rather than strategic level, network promotion skills only minor, and non core changes in thinking.

network to promote a lot of articles, it was said that the most popular in the hands of the article, is the SEO class articles and the promotion of the article. Read more, learn more, will be less, promotion of the theory of piles, the promotion. A later read, or what not, because of all the text on the metaphysics, but not to implement the category specific operational, a good idea. With the promotion of the plan, not to, or not immediately have effect, see or white, I hope this for everyone to feel as it is don’t an article and non classical.

I always feel that I have a lot of advantages and experience in the promotion of the site, I was responsible for the promotion of dozens of sites, never worry about traffic. Traffic has always been regarded as the flow, is to promote and promote the years, promotion has become an empirical, has become a strain of the network trick. When a task "development forum, promotion forum" in front of me, I use all the means, can not be improved.

forum is the real response of the user, the forum also reflects the user stickiness, when to push a forum when I found all the tips is not good, and the true master, the popularity of the forum are rushing, the forum has its own culture, that is the true master I found a dwarf, head, then summarizes the network on the Top100 forum to research, analysis, comparison, parallelism, learning counseling, not to mind taking the trouble to read, find articles, learn a lot, a lot, my forum website again and again, from the 10 plate into 1 plates, and into 10 sections, from paying fees to the moderator moderator, from the content to the form template, can change as long as I have changed. Finally the popularity not downhearted.

give up? Combined? Unwilling, Forum promotion is indeed very difficult, although the ancients said: Forum promotion difficult also difficult, bamboo windflowers. AD to death silk square, members of the ash into tears began to dry.

was ready to write a forum on how to promote a long and minute statement afraid to delay your valuable time, and not learn real skill. The thread will scold me a waste of energy. I was short, pick up some important talk, Forum promotion methods commonly used first omit 5000 words and actual combat experience.

just ask, what is your forum going to do?

your forum is what to do? Just want to increase website viscosity and cohesion, to give users an interactive platform, and in love place, if only for this is very simple, the forum content to go home, home to some of the content to the forum more, what beauty funny, a little bit free, put all the forum to let the home page and forum with the content, is not currently >

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