Internet era is an era of data collection, the Internet has spawned more new style advertising model – advertising, from 1996 Amazon in a new way, has provided an additional source of revenue for tens of thousands of websites, advertising alliance with the suddenness of a thunderbolt to jump in the world red ", become the advertising industry a new dark horse, advertising alliance will carry out small and medium-sized site resources integration alliance, mutual benefit and win-win platform by advertisers advertising to achieve advertising, advertisers, business flow, but the advertising industry is also caused a lot of traffic taking dragons and fishes jumbled together, and advertisers pass," and never ever meet again. "" no regrets".

industry as a whole "no rules"

as the saying goes "no rules no Cheng Fangyuan", indeed, in the advertising industry also needs certain rules, but after all, advertising is a new industrial mode, the system is relatively weak, which leads the industry in the operation there are many loopholes, at the same time, "might is right, cause the advertising industry monopoly, in China, most of all resources within the industry is dominated by a single enterprise, so that the rules must be inclined to monopoly, therefore, the industry" thriving "or" a situation of tripartite confrontation "situation is necessarily leads to advertisers put cost increase and flow of business interests the minimum absorption strength of industry alliance is the interests between, so more and more commercial traffic plagued by this" no rules ", More and more advertisers for this high price of advertising concerns, traffic between advertisers and advertisers can only say bye bye.

advertising alliance platform so that the two docking is no period

Based on the

alliance platform "unspoken rule", a lot of traffic providers and advertisers began looking for some of the relatively weaker but perfect the qualification advertising platform is a good platform for the integration and docking of the three major league, both to avoid the main "Exploitation", and provides the opportunity for the development of as the Federation of small ads, also opened the business interests flow channel, the three birds with one stone strategy for many advertisers and traffic providers talked about, in this view, a qualified advertising platform to connect the two intact, visible, good advertising alliance, the choice of platform is a very important part of the. The platform of cooperation, realize the close contact between the two.

choose alliance platform, bid farewell to "never ever meet again"

now, more and more advertisers and traffic operators pay more attention to the choice of advertising platform, how to choose a suitable alliance platform for advertising or traffic plug wings, become the focus of attention. Circle of friends, the doorway to my way:


platform is the most important qualification problem, whether or advertisers need to test the business flow, the alliance platform qualification, as is the choice of partners, not only to have the economic strength and their cooperation "

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