video is a module of the traditional PC Internet and mobile Internet connected together, that is to say in the video marketing, is actually implemented in the traditional PC Internet and mobile Internet between two endpoints of marketing, which is usually known as the double-edged sword. Therefore, video marketing should not be ignored, do a good job of video marketing can make their own marketing road multiplier. So how can we achieve better video marketing, and let the video marketing play a role in brand promotion?

first of all to understand what is the video marketing, the so-called video marketing is based on video as the carrier, on this basis to achieve their goal of marketing, expand the scope of their target audience. Video marketing content marketing and marketing title two marketing, content marketing is similar to marketing, advertising content being created for video content in the plot, while the title is hard work and marketing in the video appears in the title of the video on the interface with their own logo or the form of the letter in the process of playing video content.

then want to know how to make video content with the nature of marketing, construction of marketing video content can have two channels, one is interesting but not reproduced some of the Internet video audience is larger, the other one is made of some video. And then the appropriate editing of the video, the Internet has a lot of simple and easy to use video editing tools, such as in the video interface to add some advertising language, increase the alphabet advertising language, etc.. Here is the most difficult lies in the construction of marketing video content based on video marketing, because here involves the implantation story writing and advertising content, now a lot of micro film have been gradually evolved into the advertising film, TV drama has become highlighted advertising TV series is a video content marketing.

is the most critical promotional video, this is one of the key video marketing, webmasters may only know how to upload video in some video sites in order to achieve marketing, such as Youku, potatoes and other video Sohu website, some a little more clever webmaster can also use social networking sites, in fact, video marketing can also be the video sent to some blogs and forums, the forum does not support direct loading video can be used to add a site with video content is introduced as a way to conduct propaganda, of course can also be carried out by means of various marketing Internet Co launched SkyDrive.

looking for a good platform, so how to make the video to maximize the marketing effect? Generally speaking, a video can only upload to a platform, if the content is also relatively simple marketing, but also need to get more audience, so they can cover a wider range will obviously be better, however, if the Internet has emerged too much the same or similar title and ALT properties of the video, often by Baidu refused entry, but also not easy in many major video sites to get through, in fact as long as the webmaster think seriously, because the video content website is difficult to grasp, as long as you upload the video there is no illegal the content, generally will not be deleted on the website

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