with the economic downturn, more and more traditional industrial entities sigh difficult road business, but this bad situation did not spread to the micro business operators, this seems to be a miracle. "". A number of typical cases but the other side reflects the micro business situation optimistic future, prematurely involving WeChat marketers have a foothold in the market before the marketing circle of friends seem to find marketing. No matter what the outside world economic crisis is a murky sky over a dark earth, spread so far, many industry insiders have heightened interest, behind WeChat marketing research hot, exploring the inherent charm of WeChat marketing, for which WeChat applications must be accustomed to the circle of friends. Then the marketing circle of friends are also hundreds of times, this is a need to practice the marketing problem, a small circle of friends where there is a big impetus? Here we mainly focus on the analysis of how to grasp the marketing circle of friends.

first, the circle of friends marketing has a huge consumption potential. Circle of friends as a "small circle" exists in the social network, from the point of view of the initial terms, there is generally high mutual trust between friends, we introduced between the circle of friends is to rely on friends and friends, along with a few a few, a few of the phenomenon, formed along the few steps, this is very basic marketing solid. On the other hand, the circle of friends to expand the circle, circle of friends is not called a small circle of everyday life, becoming more and more large social circles, through the potential of this circle of friends in the fission market is huge. Marketing activities based on good faith, the circle of friends to facilitate the convenience of marketing activities carried out. Practice shows that marketing activities as wide net precision marketing, blindly promotion is often waste effort, the effect is very little, the circle of friends of marketing is the use of trust marketing to achieve great development, so as to dig out the huge consumption potential.

secondly, familiar with the function of the circle of friends. Circle of friends is the marketing mail list as the background, there is a number of mail list constitutes a circle of friends, this circle is mainly carried out marketing activities through pictures, small screen and text, a circle of friends to share the nature, this is a good start to avoid the effect of a good for the promotion of information hiding. Cooperate with the friends of marketing function or to rely extensively on other WeChat function, it only plays a role of information publishing, published some related marketing information, combined with their experience and share insights, with marketing practices in the circle of friends too good to avoid the effect of advertising. This can be said to be the edge of the circle of friends marketing. But things are relative, friends marketing also has a fatal flaw, one is the information coverage, speed information update circle of friends and the growth rate with the increase of the number of friends; another is to shield the information function in a circle of friends, shielding others information function. The success of the circle of friends marketing depends on the use of such an interest to grasp the circle of friends and the use of functions, how to do, how to do have led to different results.

then, the circle of friends marketing situation is to small bigger, >

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