text is very attractive, always attractive.

a lot of people because of the text, I hope to be a writer, engaged in the work related to the text.

so they want to be a copywriter.

they want to copy work, is probably the kind of sitting in front of the computer every day, or a group of people together to discuss how to write this time.

maybe with some coffee in the cafe, perhaps can also work and travel, reading, watching the show, talk, collect all kinds of inspiration.


may have a small notebook, probably with a laptop, everywhere for your life and work yourself.

… Well, I have a job here.

a while ago, our company level, there are a lot of people to vote resume, many of which are associated with some characters, such as reporters, such as editing, such as marketing etc..

from their point of view, I can imagine their imagination about the job.

it’s a pity that I don’t dare to tell them the truth, so I don’t dare to admit them, but I’ll give it to someone else.

a new person in our company has just been three months old.

he said:

"it’s been a dream for the last three months," apparently a bit of a nightmare.

"not only time goes by too fast" — a bed every day is a manuscript to be delivered today.

"really typing every day.".

"and no matter where you can work" – typing at home.

"next to always with coffee, with their own small notebook" – because they do not force themselves to write a point can not write ah.

then there is a thought that he is just to communicate with customers, customers can imagine is understanding and dialogue.

Who knows that

clients do not want to communicate, can only say "I don’t love", "can also write a version of", "may I change it."

those who want to copy, you really want to clear it?

do you think that when the copy is written for those beautiful advertising statements, or occasionally write about those soft


is to use their own words to influence others, promote the sale of goods or to help build a brand image?

are not.

when a copy you most often do is to write email to communicate with the client, data, explain to him why did you write, and billing information.

you write most of the content, the customer is very important

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