Sanlitun bar street is Beijing’s "night economy" number one mark. According to rough statistics, within a radius of one kilometer, a total of more than 60% gathered in Beijing bar.


(one kilometer radius of the Sanlitun bar street, a full collection of more than 60% bars in Beijing..)

here, you can see the young men and women to drink CLUB BAR to jump, while drinking while watching the show band, to chat with friends in the PUB, even to the Mojito shop stalls a superb collection of beautiful things for a bottle of wine can stand one night… It can not help but make people feel that every store can find here their horses, and they don’t care competitors grab their business.

in fact, like this get together shop, or business district gathered abound.

and the "market" in the form of the greatest degree, consumers gather and provide diversified product selection phenomenon in early ancient Shang Dynasty (Eleventh Century BC) has already appeared (suddenly remembered TV lively morning steaming steamer that is quite a sense of the picture).

‘s "aggregation effect" is relatively flexible and free, and it can’t even be differentiated by a fixed business or body size.

you can put it together to Xidan Joy City, Lafayette department store, department store, too Jun Han, Xidan Xidan shopping malls, shopping centers, shopping malls and other Pearl Shopping Mall in a Xidan district; can also be grouped by the small, Hot pot, fish, Sauteed Bullfrog in Chili Sauce in one night, Guijie even heat; the set of N Kendl Ki Macdonald to a crowd of main roads. In short, smart or simple Baotuan can achieve "win-win", blind independent perhaps she will lose.

why is KFC always with McDonald’s



(from top to bottom): KFC and McDonald’s shop in China, the situation in the United States shop, store distribution in Shanghai. Data from GeoHey)

if you get together shop, KFC and McDonald’s is a senior enthusiast. In Chinese, there will be KFC and McDonald’s is such a set of data statistics, results showed that 5012 stores in KFC and McDonald’s stores in 2176, nearly 55% of McDonald’s stores have KFC in the presence of 500m!



(McDonald’s and KFC))

in addition to Mccann, "there are a lot of members get together lovers, like Starbucks and Costa, bread and 85 degrees C, weiduomei and hollyland, and even clothing industry Nike and A>

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