circle of friends in the play is always imagined, perhaps a novelty is the instant hot up, then make the recent abnormal popular WeChat circle of friends in the "WeChat challenge", it is from the original "left you a photo of someone, right put your photos, you another friend to pass smile!" the rules of the game, slowly extends the popular factors present too many and rich, this is the "ice bucket challenge" continued after another rising trend. Smile challenge unusually prosperous people can not understand. The network for the explanation of the congregation for the situation, it quietly fiery people a little puzzled, it really is a smile staged there is no sign of the rise, no disregard for no reason, immediately to answer your questions, here we have a comprehensive analysis of smile under the challenge of circle of friends is how to spread and to develop the


smile itself is rich in content. A smile is very simple, but it can get a lot of unexpected results, no matter where, a smile can be filled with the power of love, can convey a complex and simple emotions. Smile is a manifestation of the external image, but also a kind of internal self-restraint, it can be said that the meaning of a smile is very rich, a smile can express things too rich. In the current trend of benefits under the intrigues, infighting, under the scene of debauchery economic tide, many people take things, only the eyes of money, a lot of positive things to reproduce real simple smile is so valuable. Smile can be said to be the exchange of emotional trust between people, it conveys and shares all aspects of life, in the invisible is also a positive energy transfer. Can be said that the profound meaning of the smile itself, is this event spread and potential factors of fame.

self timer has been very popular. Smile in the challenge second points, is related to self factors, it is not difficult to make people understand that slightly nodded, self propagation can not hot through the WeChat way? WeChat’s connotation is now popular with self potential hot, have everything. Let us look at the rules of the game, too simple, fully reflects the convenience of it, there is no cumbersome frame constraints, appear more free. It is spread smile constantly, like an invisible rope put together one by one between friends, between which is itself a friend of emotional communication, but also reflects through self, through self pop constantly enlarged, now smiling challenge means has changed, it can be the starting point is positive. So in the analysis of how the challenge of smiling can spread, the basis of the foothold is very important, the most popular self timer factor is the most critical of the event.

star effect of re push waves. The direct participation and influence of the star is immeasurable, the star smile challenge is bound to affect and promote the spread of activities. Why do you say that? Look at the ice bucket challenge, the star figure is beyond count. It is precisely because of their participation and drive, the flash of the activities will naturally rise, the way to spread is not rich, star

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