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nets webmaster, a site that is not building a long time, but the promotion or can. Words do not say much, I said the following about website promotion method:

1 bubble Forum: do not only send ads. To send some wonderful reply. If you can’t remember: to Baidu search "wonderful sayings", a lot of. It’s time to copy it.

2 blog: the registration of each of the major bloggers blog. In particular, Baidu space, the first blog name: from your site name and url. Then insert the hyperlink module in your website. Down. Get some wonderful articles posted.

3 to Baidu know answer questions: register Baidu account, answer the above questions, by the way their web site in the answer.

4 use the 360 security guards: http://s.my.360safe.com/download.html? Id=1596250 this is my. You can sign up for an account. Then customize your site’s 360 security guards. Then publicity, so that others to specify the page to download.

5 exchange links: in addition to the direct increase in clicks. Also help to improve the search engine on your site recognition.

6 deal: register a number of trading sites, and then paste your website. Make a price. Spread out.

7 published articles: allow reprint, but you need to indicate the source of the article, insert your site hyperlink. Add site backlinks.

8 to send mail: mail content to be compelling, you can invite it to your website to make recommendations, tone to be sincere.

9 circle of friends: This is the fastest and most effective way. Let your friends. Family。 Relative。 Colleagues set up your site for the home page, so that their blog into your site hyperlinks, let them to your circle to promote your site.

10 search engine submission: major search engine submission entrance:

11 Qq group: add some QQ group. If you add 100 QQ group. Send a message, at least 10000 people will see.

12 site map: upload to your space. Very conducive to search engine included in your site.

13 tools: Although the rinse flow is not a good idea. But can increase your website ranking.

14 printing business card: print some personality cards. A box of 2 dollars.

15 media: of course, this requires a lot of investment. But its effect can be imagined.

16 SEO Technology: learning point SEO, absolutely no harm.

17 production of electronic magazine: cost >

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