1 to choose their own projects to promote the forum.

2 into a new forum to understand the rules and permissions of the forum.

3 set their own avatar, signature file personal settings as detailed as possible.

4 post medicine quality, replies to the view.

post one:

1 forum material: the most popular elements, the latest hot event reference: Baidu Google ranking, YAHOO ranking.

2 and porn walking material.

3 original articles. More than one post, not more than 5 posts.

post two:

1 introduces some knowledge of the purchase of goods.

2 commodity authenticity identification.

3 market evaluation of goods.

4 answers to a comprehensive product problem.

5 commodity market and development direction.

post three:

1 has an ambiguous subject.

2 content to be controversial, appropriate grasp, otherwise it will have a negative impact.

3 retie by others.

The appropriate time to take


5 tracking hair Posts understand the situation.

send advertising post skills:

1 do not start advertising posts, in the back of the thread in the advertising posts.

2 post to the hair over a period of time to modify their own advertising.

3 thread is the best advertising posts, third posts on.


1 Replies to have their own unique views, which helps to improve their visibility.

2 replies to the top 5 or 10 that appear before the first time.

more than 3 replies back to multiple posts. Must write: pass by, the top, the support, this kind of post does not have the significance.

feeling: do so long promotion work, honest Forum promotion effect is not too big, you want to go to the popularity of many forums, post soon will sink, the popularity of small is not how many people see, besides do BBS promotion is the most time-consuming and not out of the results. The forum is also a way to do promotion for.


1 big forum to ensure that each post replies, the top 5 can see your reply, this post.

2 small forum to send the essence of posts, such as being recommended or set a long time, visit >

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