June 19th, "Bo Wang Zhi" media business figures to get $2 million angel investment, the investor is Zehou capital.

is a pioneering figure Bo Wang Zhi media, initiated by a group of senior venture media, belonging to the Beijing black Technology Co. Ltd., as business circle character media, the main character depth reports.

in March this year, by a group of Beijing Bo Wang Zhi financial media people started, the media focused on the business circle "stories", we hope to have the opportunity to become this era record, becoming the best entrepreneurial character of media.

more than 2 months, under the column "Bo Wang Zhi" produced 12 pieces of Bowang entrepreneurial characters feature, including depth interview of Gao Xiaosong, Song Ke, Xu Zhiyuan, Chen et al., quickly gathered from a number of superb quality sticky readers. Editor in chief Dong Lihan said that after the completion of financing, the next stage will quickly enhance the content of production, more focused on the characters long report writing.

co-founder Cui Zhifang talked about Bo Wang Zhi more long-term vision. He said that each era has its own logo, is now the Internet IT technology development era, so entrepreneurship is the young people in the pursuit of the times, on behalf of their ideals, yearning for a better life. When a character is vividly displayed in front of all readers, with the passage of time, it will depict the entrepreneurial ecological landscape of the whole era. Bo Wang Zhi want through a period of accumulation, leaving some valuable text and content for the times. "We don’t want our time to be buried."

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