blog: is the name card, record the history, to show their strength, ideas and subtly guide others or customer acceptance, import your ideas, make a comprehensive foundation for career; relative QQ chat, blog can quickly and fully display their ideas, reflect the values of the window.

Forum: is the exchange of learning, active and intuitive performance of your strength, but also a forum for enterprises to use this kind of network communication platform, release enterprise products and services through text, pictures, video and other forms of information, so as to make the target customers more profound understanding of the enterprise products and services. Finally reach the enterprise propaganda enterprise brand, deepen the purpose of market awareness.

: soft concept analysis of specific products and demand based on consumers in a text mode of psychological guidance, in essence, it is the enterprise soft penetration business strategy in the advertising form, so that consumers recognize some concepts, ideas and analysis of ideas by words and expression of public opinion generally communication, so as to achieve the enterprise brand promotion and sale of the product. In the traditional media industry, the soft, highly respected, the first reason is that various media to seize the eye of fierce competition, people fell on hard advertising attention to television, newspaper advertising, the actual effect is no longer obvious, charging second big reason is the media on the soft is much lower than the hard advertising, input and output in the fund is not very soft under the condition of strong scientific and reasonable. So the company is willing to soft water from various angles to test the water in order to enable the market to start quickly. Marketing text can not gorgeous, without shock, but must say intimate chitchat, because the most touching or homely words; word love to all, every single word or phrase for the sake of the interests of consumers.

and all tools as traders can use to paving the way for the product, brand building, to fight a protracted war. Once a customer through various channels to find you, quotation, negotiation skills, or return to the traditional. So, the essence of e-commerce and traditional business process is actually the same, but e-commerce is an important window to expand business information.

is the most direct way to manufacturers of products in various platforms, such as the market stall on the dialect, buyers will be more intuitive. Such as a comprehensive platform (Alibaba), precise industry platform (building materials network) (Stone Network) (Engineering Network) (Miao Muwang) (home network) and other products related to their own website, release information. Keep updated, accurate keywords (less information can transform keywords try adding names, name etc.) are described in detail.

to spend all day in the Forum blog friends to chat with colleagues to order, after all the majority, consider from the purchaser Perspective (such as looking for stone) he will only enter this stone industry network, he could not find the stone into the stone Forum blog posts for information delay time.

only rich combination: use blog, forum window campaign, famous brand, the soft flat.

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