domain name cybersquatting well-known enterprises to set up a website, the site is still open to sell the company’s products, the final "bangdakuan" not a paid domain lost money. Recently learned, Kunming City Intermediate People’s Court of the cybersquatting case verdict, the website will be registered by the free transfer to the infringed business, with

compensation when the enterprise 5000 yuan.

This company is called

near Zhejiang Moore Electrical Appliance Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Moore company), is a company engaged in washing machine and other products manufacturing and sales enterprises, in October 2006 the company registered Chinese "Moore" English with the letter "More" trademark for manufactured products, including various types of washing machine dry cleaning machine, dryer, etc..

this year, Moore company found that the registered domain name, the domain name has been registered in, and in the web page with text description of the site is dedicated to all kinds of household appliances business e-commerce website, the main sales is the company’s "Moore Moore" brand series of household appliances. Moore found company survey, cybersquatting is Fumin County of Yunnan province Luo Yang free people.

in the collection of relevant evidence, the company in June 18th this year, Moore Buyuanqianli to Kunming playing the domain name case, Yang court ordered Yang cybersquatting domain name used by the company, that Moore trademark as well-known trademarks, and proposed 5000 yuan of tort liability.

Yang registered, the use of domain name, is a violation of the company’s registered trademark infringement Moore’s unfair competition behavior, Kunming City Intermediate People’s Court of first instance verdict Moore company win.

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