since last year the fierce electricity price war, seems to have something like this again can touch the domestic electricity supplier gangster poop nerve. With the launch of the domestic electricity supplier platform "end product", Potter began singing all the way popular in the domestic electricity supplier market. "Weihuo" this makes the business abhorrence of the products, is now a packaging business platform into competing xiangbobo. So why poop can become competitive electricity supplier "? Song Congming thought that the main reason is the following: the time and location, and. So what is an opportune law? We might be analytical:


this paper begins with an already mentioned, after the fierce electricity supplier price war, this year the business platform almost all entered a period of rest. One reason is because of the frequent competition in the domestic electricity supplier market into the doldrums too early, the traditional promotional activities are difficult to arouse consumer desire to buy. So, this time the need for a commodity can stimulate the market consumption desire, let the market again. Otherwise it is easy for consumers to lose interest in the electricity supplier market.

and the goods is precisely to solve this problem, because consumers to the electricity supplier promotional skeptical. That businesses are actually light out get benefits is not practical. However, Potter is different, because the price is low now, so take poop as a promotional selling point, will naturally eliminate the concerns of consumers and to arouse their desire to buy. So, now can become a competitive electricity supplier "is the response to this day.

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domestic business environment has been basically mature, some of the large business platform has almost done well known. In particular, some traditional retailers, such as Gome, Suning to join the concept is to let the electricity supplier quickly spread.

and the goods it is traditional retailers inventory, but the inventory backlog on the concept quickly became the electricity supplier after the fly on the branches of the Phoenix, but is more popular than the genuine. The reason, can achieve this effect is because the ride to catch the poop business. So, this is the electricity supplier competition has become another reason the new red, this is the location.

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involved in the entire e-commerce process involved a total of three parties, the electricity supplier platform side, suppliers and consumers. After the electricity supplier price war can be said to be the business platform hit the "seven injuries boxing, people must hurt yourself.

said the first business platform, after a fierce price war, but is also the last peibenzhuanyaohe. Did not earn any money but let the venture lost interest, so that consumers lose confidence. Followed by the supplier, in the course of the competition is probably the most injured suppliers, not only by others to pay the price. Is the business platform Qiazhao neck, even in the lowest profits, life also have fear, fear of 000 >

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