has just become the last year in 2016, the United States and the United States and the United States to implement a collective strategy for young people, the industry will be referred to as the beauty industry’s midlife crisis". This is a common problem, the market itself to the United States and the United States to accelerate the iterative consumer demand for the brand, but also due to the development of their own anxiety driven enterprises. When most brands are in the win over the young man did his best, what kind of tricks will work for


and Europe and the United States stable consumption structure is different, China’s cosmetics market is the main body of the millennium. When the young generation has become the leading group beauty consumer market, even after 00 days of time began to carry a small part for beauty market, many old beauty brands have begun to feel the consumer from the values of the systematic transformation of aesthetics, thus facing the mixed change challenge.


is brand new just the market, or the development of more than ten years of senior Chinese, started with a win over the young consumers as the primary goal. Thus, the "young" as a consistent strategic cosmetics enterprise was put on the reform agenda, from the products, channels, marketing enterprises to face fancy, has been the development of enterprise penetration to the younger ", has become a normal way.

small meat brand by age, fancy marketing captured young people gathered in

want to change the image of the elderly in the young group, the brand first thought of hiring young spokesmen as the first move. Procter & Gamble, for example, is a popular small fresh meat into madness. Brand safeguard, OLAY and Crest’s TFBOYS, and Li Yifeng respectively enabled Luhan as the new brand ambassador. Estee Lauder announced Tang Yan become a brand Chinese area cosmetics Johnson’s skincare brand ambassador, Dabao, also invited Lin update, Zhang Yishan and other "small meat for the new platform, manufacturing topics.

of course, please spokesperson is just one way to communicate, including cross-border cooperation, marketing, IP hot program naming online and offline communication, is an important measure to strengthen brand communication and interaction of young consumers.

Liby Group Chairman and President Chen Kaixuan in answer to "cosmetic Finance Online" person of the year in an interview, Liby in interaction with young consumers, and achieved very good results, such as the three consecutive season title Liby "I am a singer", "2014", put hi! "Father", "small depth of implantation of our marriage" "daddy go" and other high-quality video resources and entertainment. In the exploration, summed up a lot of experience with young people to communicate.


overweight product portfolio, many young consumers

contact angleBut in the face of

, known as the "Aboriginal network" of the younger generation, the tricks of the marketing is just icing on the cake, around the product itself including composition, performance, packaging and a series of product experience is really hit the real hammer the hearts of consumers "".

therefore, in the product line, large groups have begun a series of adjustments. For example

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