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electricity supplier, to make up for the defects in the limit of time and space on the people shopping, and thus the achievement is the development direction of future network and business reputation, but in more and more commercial sites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain have run out of websites, online shopping giant electricity supplier sales at the same time, a new electricity supplier website how to win the trust of users? And what needs to be done, so as to improve the site conversion rate, and ultimately improve the net profit of electronic business platform


network ( heebe to build "creative gifts first stop" business website platform for many years of experience, how to build a well-known business platform from zero degree, high conversion rate, sort out the following note:

first, zero visibility electricity supplier website must establish user trust

brand awareness of the business platform, there will be very few users for fear of Internet fraud caused not to buy, but for a zero business platform, the probability of such events is relatively large, which directly affects the conversion rate of the electricity supplier website, so a new business platform the first thing to consider is how to obtain the trust of users.

1, professional

The biggest defect is the true perception of

business, which is recently a lot of shop in the display products gradually from the picture of the reasons for the shift of video display, more realistic and more get the trust of users, which directly affect the product conversion rate.

small business platform must ensure a professional website, we may not have enough technical support website content construction colorful, tall, but must ensure that the professional website, "love at first sight" is never a shallow words, it tells us to give people the first impression, we we must learn the simple suitable packaging.

website to practical, need more professional website template, is the true sense of the product display, professional also details often can decide a website, professional product picture display, not broken links, improper handling of text or background music can easily destroy the site.

2, perfect information

The use of

with performance, product description, origin, results of the company structure, staff structure, and industry related skills and other valuable information to users, do not recommend removal from Baidu, many have been popular content, users do not need to come to your site to learn, they want to see is fine, valuable, never seen


second, the establishment of a unique selling point, improve product conversion rate

mall has so many high-profile corporate users with so many things to buy, what in your business platform? You need is different, a unique selling point! Heebe network selection to gift creative industry as the breakthrough point, you definitely need a unique business >

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