The importance of the web site is self-evident, as many as possible with other topics related to your site links you, has become a key factor in the success of the search engine rankings.

1, site selection and their own site is quite comparable level of reality. Every website to website cooperation and better than you, this is not a practical choice, it will reduce the efficiency of ambitious.

2, straight to the point, don’t beat around the bush. People are busy, who do not want to ask a tube of toothpaste, in exchange for connection, is beneficial to the petition of things, each site has its own psychological bottom line to easier tanlong. I appreciate the way of conversation is "Hello, we are the navigation technology website, domain name, and you want to exchange links." Straightforward and objective. Easy to accept. If you are to send e-mail to each other, be sure to write in the title and content of the name of the other side of the site, or it may be considered spam and deleted.

3, sincere attitude. Regardless of your own site is good or not, we must have a sincere and humble attitude, the network is virtual, communication can not add facial expressions and body language, so only the sincerity can move each other. Well after the connection, no matter what, do not easily remove the other side of the connection, if it is not, must notify the other party, this is the most basic network occupation moral.

4, generous, rational use of their site resources. With the famous site to do the benefits of more than you can imagine, it is not just bring traffic so simple. So for the station, must be willing to give their own benefits, the site actually has many resources, idle is idle, why not use it.

5, with these sites link you, even if not to submit to the web site search engine, search engine will naturally find you and give good rankings. On the other hand, if the site provides links to topics related to the export, the search engine that has a wealth of content related to the theme, but also conducive to ranking. There is a chance to connect must be added, any connection will bring great benefits.

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