about the loss, do not have too much of it, from ancient to modern times from the market to the Internet, are all practitioners do not want to see. However, people have died, the loss is inevitable The new supersedes the old.


some loss is inevitable, but there can be retained.

loss classification

rigid loss

can be further divided into new and old users The climate does not suit one. user interest transfer type, this part of the loss of the user is unable to retain, to do this, spend more money is not what, after all the melon twisting it is not sweet. So we should try to peel off this part of the user, to avoid unnecessary investment.

experience loss

may be the application experience, service experience, trading experience, product experience, etc., in short, is in the use of products / services in the process, feel a trace of sadness, is the so-called one word on the loss. For us, of course, is to find a link that allows users to feel uncomfortable, and timely maintenance, to minimize the loss of experience.

competitive loss

is the user has turned pink. May be a better experience of competitors, competitors may be introduced what preferential policies. We also need to grasp the dynamics of the industry, for the competitors to grab the behavior of the corresponding action to avoid the loss of competition.

definition of loss


company for loss of different definitions, there is no possible landing behavior within 7 days, the general game 7 days without landing again basically is lost; it can be no transaction within a few months, the loss of business or o2o’s cycle will be longer, the loss did not like the game the application or content that good judgment. That for a company, how to do a silent period even if is lost? The return rate to determine if the return rate of eighth days is still very high, then the 7 day of silence even loss certainly would be inappropriate. (return rate = the number of people who lost time during the time period of the return visit / time period)

analysis of loss

on the loss of conventional data monitoring, and are generally retained together, the two are inseparable (left, left in front of the contents have been written). For the loss of the individual, can use up to finereport to see the following styles of monitoring:


on the overall picture of the overall monitoring of the situation, the focus is on whether the loss rate is stable, the loss of new users and the proportion of the loss of old users. In general, the rate of loss of new users is relatively high, and the severity of the loss of older users a little larger, when the loss rate of older users found that the higher the situation, it should be needle convection

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